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Explore Grimsby and the Niagara Wine Region

Accommodation near Hamilton and Niagara Falls

When you stay at Super 8 Hotel Grimsby you can enjoy a terrific location, midway between Hamilton and Niagara Falls. With so many attractions in the local area, you’ll easily be able to spend a few days enjoying all that we have to offer. For the best accommodation near Hamilton, and the Niagara Wine Region, choose Super 8 Hotel Grimsby.

Grimsby’s Earlier History

Founded in 1797 by United Empire Loyalists, Grimsby officially became a village in 1816. Grimsby’s industrious history has seen many forms of commerce prevail in the region, including farm machinery manufacturing, hospital equipment manufacturing, and a longstanding commitment to Canada’s fruit production and processing.

Grimsby’s Today

Grimsby is home to over 24,000 hardworking and proud Ontarians, from all walks of life. The farm country around Grimsby produces fresh, delicious agriculture, with emphasis on fruit production, viticulture, horticulture, beekeeping and honey production. With the immeasurable hectares of some of Canada’s prime vineyards, the possibilities for wine aficionados are particularly delightful. Sample some of Canada’s finest vintages, including the sweet snap of Niagara Valley ice wine.

Famous People from Grimsby

Grimsby has been home to many famous citizens, including: Kevin Bieksa, defenseman for the Vancouver Canucks; and former NHL greats Dennis Ververgaert, Bob Warner, and Marvin Wentworth. Famous Olympic athletes from Grimsby include; rower Chris Jarvis, and silver-medalist Tonya Verbeek. Musical talents from Grimsby include vocalist George Pettit, and Barenaked Ladies keyboardist Kevin Hearn.

Popular Niagara Region Visitor Attractions

With so much to see and do make sure to ask our front desk for suggestions based on your interests. We’re here for you 24-hours a day. Welcome to the best accommodation near Hamilton, Super 8 Hotel Grimsby.

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